Dority & Associates, Inc. was founded and is led by Kim Dority, an information specialist with expertise in research, writing, editing, information process design, and publishing. She has worked with all types of organizations to design, build, and execute effective information strategies.

Dority & Associates also specializes in working with colleges and universities (for-profit and non-for-profit) to help them create strategies for using career-focused content to achieve their recruiting, retention, job placement, and alumni outreach goals. Ms. Dority has been quoted by on the topic of career coaching for college students, was a guest blogger for the Wall Street Journal’s “Hire Education”section, and has written extensively and presented nationally on this topic.

In addition to her work with Dority & Associates, Ms. Dority teaches a course in career design and development at the University of Denver, and is the author of numerous articles and several books on information, including Rethinking Information Work (Libraries Unlimited, 2006). She is currently working on a new book focused on helping college students understand how to make the most of college from a career-building perspective.