One of the ways professional associations can offer additional value is to provide career information, resources, and coaching to support their members’ professional development goals. Webinars, workshops, articles and columns for your association’s newsletter, members-only online career-path guides, blog posts, LinkedIn or electronic discussion group posts – all of these types of career-focused information can be used to increase your value proposition to prospective and current members.

In addition to helping your members succeed in their careers and substantially raising the value of your association for individual members, providing outstanding career content can also provide your organization with potential new revenue opportunities.

Consider, for example, using “behind-the wall” online career content to drive additional sponsorship revenues. Or provide fee-based conference workshops or webinars on such key professional topics as:

  • How to build your professional brand
  • How to build a professional network
  • Using LinkedIn to increase career visibility and opportunities
  • Finding and working with career mentors
  • Career transitioning: how to move from an existing career path into the next
  • Deciding whether to go independent
  • Job-hunting tips and techniques
  • Job-negotiating tips and techniques
  • How to research a company/potential employer
  • How to find salary information
  • How to build a resilient career

To discuss how your association can benefit from career content and information resources tailored to your members’ professional interests, contact Dority & Associates at or 303-660-1310.