It’s no longer enough to be successful recruiting and retaining students. In today’s environment, you’re going to need to be just as successful helping students land good jobs when they graduate. Plus, when it comes to student lifetime value, this is a terrific way to increase your program’s lifetime value to your students.

The key to success is to start coaching students as soon as they begin their programs, and continue to help them stay focused on career-building opportunities throughout their coursework. How? Through a consistently-delivered combination of job- and career-related resources, coaching, messages, reminders, and tips.

Career Smarts content provides the job- and career-related materials you need in the format that aligns most effectively with your existing student services and outreach. Options include career-focused webinars, newsletters and/or newsletter articles, blogs or blog posts, onsite workshops, online industry- and career-focused resources and resource collections (essentially a mini virtual career center) and how-to pieces on a wide range of career topics, such as:

  • How to jumpstart your career in college
  • How to create your professional brand in college
  • How to build your professional network in college
  • Using LinkedIn to build your career platform while you’re still in college
  • How students can use social media to boost (not derail) their careers
  • Internships 101 – where to find, what to consider, how to apply, how to impress the company
  • Using your “student status” to connect with professional opportunities

This type of career coaching is designed to give students the tools and knowledge they need to be skilled, successful job seekers when they graduate. However, it can also be used to support multiple institution goals, including encouraging prospective students to enroll, helping current students stay engaged and feeling that their career goals are supported, and providing high-value content for alumni outreach that enables institutions to continue to build long-term relationship for referrals and additional professional development via returning students.

Dority & Associates has helped numerous college clients develop and execute strategies that support students’ career smarts while also repurposing career content for recruitment, retention, job placement, and alumni outreach efforts. To discuss how career content and information resources tailored to your institution and degree programs can benefit both you and your students, contact Dority & Associates at or 303-660-1310.