Helping LIS Students and Professionals Create Resilient Careers

How do LIS students and professionals make the best career choices for their circumstances, and how do they continue to do so as the profession – and their lives – change over the span of a career?

To help MLIS programs, professional LIS associations, and their chapters and divisions respond to this challenge, seasoned LIS professionals Kim Dority and Scott Brown offer a range of career-focused options to help navigate today’s information workplace.

For MLIS Programs

Dority & Associates provides multiple ways for you to help your students increase their chances of finding jobs and building rewarding LIS careers. Webinars, workshops, articles and columns for your student newsletter, student/alumni-only online career-path guides, blog posts, LinkedIn or electronic discussion group posts – all of these types of career-focused information can be used to increase your value proposition to current students and alumni.

Sample workshops and webinar topics include:

  • Graduate with a Degree and a Job: How to Jumpstart Your Career in Grad School
  • Get Ready to Launch: Finding a Job with Your MLIS
  • LIS Careers, Let Me Count the Ways: What Are They, Where Are They, How to Get Started
  • Insider Insights: How to Research Companies and Industries as Potential Employers
  • So Tell Me About Yourself: Career Brand-Building for Students

Sample topics for articles, blog posts, career columns, and online tutorials include:

  • Using LinkedIn to Boost Student Visibility
  • Building Your e-Portfolio
  • How to Ace an Information Interview
  • Making the Most of Your Student Status
  • Exploring Career Options as Part of Your Coursework

In addition to providing informative, practical, and actionable career information for your students, Dority & Associates works with Scott Brown to provide phone-based individual or “open-mike” group career counseling as requested.

For LIS Associations, Chapters, and Divisions

One of the ways professional associations can offer additional value is to provide career information, resources, and coaching to support members’ professional development. Kim Dority and Scott Brown have both presented on LIS career topics for over fifteen years, including workshops, webinars, and coaching sessions for national and state conferences, regional chapters and association division meetings, and state association conferences.

Potential topics for association workshops and webinars include:

  • How to Build Your Professional Brand
  • How to Build Your Professional Network
  • Using LinkedIn to Increase Career Visibility And Opportunities
  • Career Transitioning: How To Move From An Existing Career Path Into The Next
  • Is the Independent Path for You? How to Decide, What to Do Next
  • Exploring Multiple/Alternative LIS Career Paths
  • Job-hunting (and landing!) tips and techniques

In addition to helping your members succeed in their careers and substantially raising the value of your association for individuals, providing outstanding career content can also provide your organization with potential new revenue opportunities. Consider, for example, using webinars, workshops, and/or “behind-the wall” online career content to drive additional sponsorship revenues.

Scott Brown

Scott draws on over 20 years’ experience in library and information organizations (including public, academic and corporate settings) to bring an extraordinarily broad range of expertise to his LIS career coaching.

Scott is founder and president of Social Information Group, an information practice focusing on the effective use of social networking tools for finding and sharing information. He has helped libraries, Fortune 500 companies, startups, government organizations and individuals understand and effectively use social tools to achieve organizational goals, and is the author of Social Sleuthing: Finding Competitive and Business Information Using Social Media Tools (Woodhead Publishing, 2012).

A frequent speaker nationally on many areas of information work, Scott also teaches adjunct for the San Jose State University and University of Denver LIS programs, and has mentored students from those programs. He has taught on topics including effectively marketing LIS skills online, conflict management for information professionals, and career transitions, among others. In addition, he provides professional coaching services specifically for information professionals.

Scott is an active member and Senior Fellow of the Special Libraries Association (SLA), and is currently President of the Association for Independent Information Professionals (AIIP). He received his MLIS from San Jose State University and Masters in Counseling from Regis University (Colorado).

Kim Dority

Kim is founder and president of Dority & Associates, an information strategy and content development company focusing on research, writing, editing, information process design, and publishing. She has worked with all types of organizations to design, build, and execute effective information strategies.

Kim has worked as an information professional in academia, publishing, telecommunications, and librarianship, in for-profit and nonprofit settings, for both established companies and start-ups. She has led the development of several innovative information projects, including the first online academic library and the first website devoted to resources and community for people with disabilities.

In addition to her work with Dority & Associates, Kim created and has taught for the past eleven years a highly-popular course on alternative LIS career paths. She has spoken on a wide range of LIS career topics at national conferences and addressed multiple MLIS student groups on career development strategies.

Kim has written numerous articles and books on LIS career topics, including Rethinking Information Work: A Career Guide for Librarians and Other Information Professionals (Libraries Unlimited, 2006) and the forthcoming LIS Career Sourcebook (Libraries Unlimited, 2012). She writes the blog on LIS career topics, and created and manages the LinkedIn “LIS Career Options” group, which now includes more than 3,500 members from 60 different countries and roughly 375 discussions. Kim received her MLS from the University of Denver.

Contact Us

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