Included among Dority & Associates’ previous or ongoing projects:

  • Created signature body of knowledge on the topic of career development strategies for undergraduate and graduate college students, resulting in multiple national conference presentations, writing, workshops, and consulting engagements with for-profit and nonprofit colleges and universitities
  • Designed content strategy and led implementation for start-up website targeted to people with disabilities; included more than 1,200 health, lifestyle, and information-resource articles, plus hundreds of elements of user-generated content
  • Designed and created first accredited digital library for online learners
  • Transitioned that library into a successful digital library product for online learning industry
  • Designed and executed information strategies for a national nonprofit organization, with a focus on marketing, branding, member recruitment, and increased revenues
  • Provided executive information services to CEOs, including ghost-writing books, articles and speeches; providing ongoing environmental scanning and key-issue monitoring; mapping out competitive environments, creating key player “backgrounders,” and providing new business development support; and researching key topics on demand