Information Strategy Consulting
Alignment of key information resources—either existing or custom-created—with your organization’s sales, marketing, branding, positioning, or other strategic goals. For colleges and universities (for-profit and not-for-profit), focus is on using career content to increase recruitment, retention, job placement, and alumni outreach outcomes.

Online Information Projects
Design and creation of major information-based projects such as virtual career centers for colleges and universities, online virtual libraries, and customized special-topic portals for key constituencies, customers, or members.

Content Development
Research, writing, and editing of print and online content, including white papers, research reports, marketing pieces, “how-to” guides, and special-interest or event-driven content. For colleges and universities, focus is on creating blog posts, e-newsletter articles, columns, webinars, workshops, and social-media commentary (e.g., comments in an alumni LinkedIn group) related to career-success topics.

Executive Information Services
Provision of an ongoing or event-driven feed of critical information to key executives. Includes environmental scanning to align with perceived/potential threats and opportunities, assessment of the organization’s competitive/collaborative landscape, information backgrounders, speech support, and other research as needed.

Marketing and Public Relations Support
Writing and/or coordination of key elements of marketing and public relations work. For marketing: research and writing of customer-focused print and online content pieces. For PR: development of potential-client “pitch” backgrounders (industry issues, players, competition, statistics, key media, key conferences); creation and monitoring of conference presentation proposals; client speech, article, and position paper research and writing; research as needed.