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Library and information science (LIS) careers can be amazing and rewarding in countless ways. As an information professional whose career has included multiple projects, types of work, employers, and industries, I’ve found an LIS skill set to be the most valuable career asset you can have.

But the fact that there are hundreds of ways to deploy LIS skills is also the challenge. How do students, new professionals, and those considering an LIS career change identify the information, strategies, and actions necessary to achieve their best path?

I can help. I partner with LIS graduate programs and associations to help students and professionals explore different types of information work, find potential “best fits,” choose among the options, and begin building resilient LIS careers.

That’s begin building because careers, like the profession, will almost always be in flux. However, for individuals with the right resources, information, strategies, and mindset, changes in the profession can and should offer opportunity rather than threat.

My goal as an LIS career specialist is to ensure that LIS students and professionals have the tools and tactics they need to position themselves in the path of opportunity. After all, that’s where all the really amazing stuff happens….

For LIS grad programs

Library and information science students are graduating into a dynamic, changing profession – are you helping them prepare?

For LIS associations

LIS associations are increasingly important to career success – do you have the resources to support your members?


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